We’re on a mission to build the best
webinar platform for SaaS, ever.
And, you're going to love what's coming out in 2018.

Demio was started in September, 2014. It took us just over 2 years to create what we believe is the most user friendly, reliable, and enjoyable webinar experience on the market. But we’re just getting started.

Since our Grand Opening we’ve been consistently working with our users to provide a great experience and add in new features/upgrades for our customers. We always have more to do, but here’s a look at what’s upcoming on our roadmap in the next few months.

These will be some of our main, focuses in early 2018:

Expanding and Improving Analytics

Updated Webinar Reporting and Analytics

We know how important your webinar reporting is for your business. So we've re-designed how upcoming and past webinar reporting should work. Soon, you'll be able to see who registered, when, more details of attendee engagement, length of time on each event per attendee, and what Automation Rules fired for which attendees. We've also re-engineered how Analytics work after a webinar to show more details on the attendees attendance, engagements, and device usage.

Native Mobile Apps

Browser Based Webinar Rooms for iOS

With current changes from Apple, we're now getting access to the ability to allow attendees to join directly in the browser on mobile iOS devices (iPad and iPhone). With a new update, attendees will be able to click the join link and instantly log into a Demio room without needing to download the Demio Viewer Application.

Expanding Browser Support

Automated Webinars

We're completely thrilled to annouce that Demio will be upgrading our Like Live Replays to support fully Automated Webinars with intuitive Just-in-Time events, specific date/time events, and evergreen series events. We'll be keeping the simplicity of the Demio system and our 1-click Like Live Replay functions, but adding in new and improved functions to make your Automated Webinars a perfect part of your marketing and onboarding process. You'll be so excited to see what we've got coming here!

Improving the Webinar Creation Process and Analytics

Improving the Webinar Creation Process and Analytics

We’ve put a huge emphasis on the webinar creation process, making it as easy as adding a name and choosing a date and time. Simplicity is in our DNA, however. So we will be working to make this process more streamlined, easier, and smoother for all users. This will also come with added Registration Analytics and larger abilities to invite your registrants to a Demio Webinar.

More Social Options for Webinars

A Completely Overhauled Interactive Chat

We've seen the power of the Demio Chat and how it creates a flowing, interactive webinar. Whether a marketing, Q&A, or Onboarding webinar we want to make sure attendees can easily engage with your events in our brand new interactive chat. We'll be making it easier than ever to save questions, star responses, reply and message attendees, delete messages, and add in new engaging gestures for the hosts. This will be just the first step in making the Demio Webinar rooms a cleaner and more intuitive place for attendees and coordinators to run events.

Okay, okay… We could go on all day.

We have a ton more coming in just the next 3 months and we'll be slowly dripping new things out as we progress. The truth is, we can’t stop thinking about the new innovations and ideas we want to do (we literally have documents filled with amazing new ideas).

We'll be consistenly looking for ways to add in features you want, but also the new features that bring you a better experience and higher engagement, which means a better webinar experience! Hopefully this will give you an idea of some of our main, current focuses with Demio, and of course, there are many features that we’re going to keep a secret for now , but if you don't see something than just let us know! Who knows, your feature request could have a heavy influence on what we continue to build moving forward.

Meet the team behind the roadmap.

David Co-Founder
Wyatt Co-Founder
Nelson Technical Adviser
Aleksandr Director of Engineering
Arian Engineer
Andre Engineer
Alex Design
Saurav QA Manager
Henry Lead Support
Jade Support
Lucas Marketing